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Pro-Grip Magnetic Fishing Glove
Pro-Grip Magnetic Fishing Glove
Pro-Grip Magnetic Fishing Glove
Pro-Grip Magnetic Fishing Glove
Pro-Grip Magnetic Fishing Glove

Pro-Grip Magnetic Fishing Glove

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This probably happened to you before......

You’ve Just hooked and landed a monster flathead, and it's now thrashing all around your boat. With the line still attached and a set of trebles stuck down the flatty’s mouth, Instantly, you’ll need to work out how to effectively deal with the situation fast.

Furthermore, you’ll want to remove those hooks as fast as possible to preserve the quality of the fish for either eating or catch and release. Your only hesitations now are how to remove those sharp hooks speedily and how to do so effectively, without flathead slime and spikes causing too much drama.

A set of pliers will certainly help de-hook. However, what about the issue of slippery, slimy fish? We have the solution to this common problem, and we’re not only just taking flathead here, but anything fishy, slimy and found in fresh or saltwater. Our grabber glove with magnetic release is the solution many anglers have been waiting for, combatting many dilemmas faced due to fish slime and spikes.

The sturdy open-face design permits your left or right-hand swift, easy access when required. Also included is a powerful, quick-release two-piece magnet.

Attached to one of the magnet points is a carabineer style clip for attachment to clothing belt loops. You may also use the carabineer for connecting to any suitable location on your boat or perhaps your fishing tackle bag.


  • Slide your hand in, and it detaches all in one slick motion
  • Use one hand, easy to put on and take off : Catch the fish, release it, stick it back on the magnet and....you are ready to fish again!
  • Hang the glove on your belt or vest loop for quick access 
  • Excellent non-slip grip
  • Waterproof 


Size: left hand or right hand. L and XL sizes.                                                        Look at the size chart for better matching:

 Material: tough polyethylene, nylon and spandex.

Shipping: Due to high demand shipping can take up to 21 business days, we will email you with tracking number after your package is shipped.